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Price: $30

This one of a kind mini clutch purse is made of wicker and decorated with a large white satin flower, small pink flowers, and a small string of pearls. This purse also features a thin shoulder strap.  

Item Code: AC-18

Price: $20

This beautiful hand made neclace is made with a shiney array of colorful stones. The length can be adjusted using the gold ribbon tie.

Item Code: AC-8



Price: $70

This is a large one of a kind magenta & black hand bag. It has a cotton crochete belt decorated with pearls, little flowers, and a light pink flower boquet centerpiece.

Item Code: AC-5


Price: $35

This one of a kind salmon colored wicker clutch purse is adorned with white lace, large sequins, strings of pearls, and a small satin flower centerpiece.

Item Code: AC-9


Price: $35

This reddish brown wicker clutch purse is decorated with a wide band of lace, sequins, beads, and a satin flower in the center.

Item Code: AC-10


Price: $15

This one of a kind neck wrap can also be used as a belt or headband. It is made of braided lace with attachable satin flowers that can used as a broach.

Item Code: AC-11

Price: $20

This is a one of a kind small clutch purse made of wicker decorated with lace, satin flowers, and a string of pearls.

Item Code: AC-12

Price: $20

This is a festive styled clutch purse made of wicker covered with a variety of lace, beads, sequins, and a satin flower.

Item Code: AC-13


Price: $65

Large handbag made with flower patterned lace adorned with thick lace and pink satin flowers and pearls.

Item Code: AC-14

Price: $65

This is a large handbag made of multipatterned pink lace and light gray solid fabric. It is adorned with a stylish bow and elegant satin rose.

Item Code: AC-15