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Price: $60

This creamy white lace & solid fabric handbag is wrapped with a lace belt adorned with string-of-pearls and small pink satin flowers.

Item Code: AC-16

Price: $15

This is a one of a kind braided pink & peach headband decorated with a satan flower and pearl chain. This versatile accessory can also be used as a neck or waist band.

Item Code: AC-7

Price: $15

This is a braided beige and brown lace headband with a decorative satan flower. This versatile accessory can also be used as a scarf or belt.

Item Code: AC-6

Price: $15

This one of a kind neckband is of braided lace with a satan flower and a small chain of pearls.

Item Code: AC-19

Price: $70

This one of a kind black and pink velvet hand bag has a black lace belt and light pink flower.

Item Code: AC-4

Price: $35

This festive wicker clutch purse is decorated with white lace fringe and pink, purple, & peach satan flowers.

Item Code: AC-3

Price: $30

Gold and redwine colored flowers adorn this aquamarine and blue wicker clutch purse. This one of a kind accessory features a snap shut design.  

Item Code: AC-2

Price: $25

This is a long black & blue velvet scarf with lace trim.

Item Code: AC-1

*Shown here with matching handbag sold separately

Price: $65

Black & blue velvet handbag with a cream colored lace belt & flower. Note the cute small bronze colored flowers along the belt.

Item Code: AC-17